From Interstate 80 traveling east or west, take exit 42, and proceed north for 400 feet until you reach a “T” intersection. Cogo’s, Exxon, and Jojo’s Truck Plaza will be on your left and a medium size Hardwood Mall sign will be directly in front of you.

Turn right at the “T”, and proceed on S.R. 38. After approximately 3/4 of a mile, you will begin to descend a steep hill which leads to the town of Emlenton. About halfway down this hill you’ll see Squaw Valley Road angling off to the right and back up to the top of the ridge (there is another Hardwood Mall sign on S.R. 38 at this cutoff for Squaw Valley Road).

Bear right onto Squaw Valley Road and travel along the ridge. When the road makes a sharp right hand turn, turn off onto the blacktop drive, following the little sign for the Hardwood Mall.

Follow the blacktop drive for 400 yards and you’ll see the Old State Farms “sugar house” on the left and the Hardwood Mall on the right.

Park in front of the glass entrance and come right in.