Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you sell directly to the homeowner?

Absolutely! We welcome any order large or small.

When should I order my Flooring or Trim?

Ordinarily allow 2-4 weeks for your custom order. We do have many items in stock in our warehouses, please call for availability. In new construction, plan to install your floor last. Allow 1-2 Weeks for acclimation if possible.

Is it hard to care for a wood floor?

Wood floors must be cared for properly, but this is not difficult to do. Just remember that standing water and hardwood don’t mix! Simply spritz your floor with a mild solution of hardwood floor cleaner and remove with a dry “swiffer”-type mop. For tough clean-up areas scrub with water and towel dry.

How should I get my hardwood home?

We use a variety of commercial freight companies including Estes and Conway for long distance deliveries. For local orders, most customers borrow or rent a truck or trailer. we provide local delivery for a fee.

Will my floor come prefinished?

Most customers prefer our unfinished floors for their price, smooth square edge appearance, veratility and ability to refinish. We sell somerset prefinished floors as a quality prefinished option for our customers.

What finishes do you recommend?

Waterlox tung oil and Antique Matte oil base polyurethane are both excellent options. We carry both of these finished at the hardwood Mall. See our finish article for a discussion of hardwood floor finishes.

How can I repair dull spots or light scratches on my floor?

For tung oil finished floors, simply clean the floor and apply a light finish coat of tung oil. For a polyurethane finished floor, lightly sand the scratch and reapply a light coat of poly feathering the edges or finishing the entire board.

Can I install my own wood floor?

Installing a wood floor is a very satisfying “Do it yourself” project. We recommend a small bevel to eliminate the need for specialized sanding equipment if you want to finish the floor yourself. Also, many “Do it yourself-ers” prefer to use Hard Oil since it is more forgiving and easier to repair.  see NWFA Instructions for installation

How long will I have to wait for my custom made hardwood furniture?

Most of the furniture we sell is made to order but can be ready for pickup in just 6-8 weeks.

I have oak trim in my home, do I have to use oak for my new floor

Many people find that another, complimentary species works just as well or better than attempting an exact match. You are welcome to stop by the hardwood mall to study the variety of species on display. We also have a selection of samples you can borrow. Why not consider a dark walnut floors to compliment the dark grain in your oak trim?

We’re working on a period home, can you accommodate our specific trim and floor needs and ideas?

YES! We can make a knife to cut any trim profile you desire. Or come to the Hardwood mall to see if one of our existing custom profiles will work and save the knife fee!