Hardwood Products

The Hardwood Flooring and Moulding Products sold at The Hardwood Mall are manufactured at Seneca Hardwood Lumber Co., a family owned-and-operated millwork 12 miles north of the Hardwood Mall showroom and the parent company for the Hardwood Mall. Since 1961, “Seneca” has grown slowly and steadily into an international supplier of fine hardwood products to clients large and small. All wood is seasoned on-site for an average of six-months before the kiln drying process begins. The slow-drying technique brings moisture levels down into the most stable range, insuring maximum climate adaptability while preventing cracks and warping. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, Seneca produces the highest quality solid hardwood floorings and moldings as well as many other specialty hardwood components in a cost-efficient manner. Our close involvement with every facet of the manufacturing process means each board passes through many hands to insure quality and consistency. One board at a time, Seneca Hardwood has built its reputation.

Rough Lumber

Kiln dried rough lumber, cut to between 6 and 10 foot lengths and random widths is availible in small quantites for single projects. We stock 100 BF, 250 BF, and 500 BF, and will quote other quantities. We also will Plane and rip to achieve, S1S, S2S, S3S, or S4S Boards.

Grid flooring

Deciding to install solid hardwood flooring in your home or office is more tha just a design decision. It is an invstment that will increase the value and desirability of any interior space. Unlike carpeting or laminate, hardwood floors actually get better with age. In fact, a well-maintained hardwood floor can actually last for generations. Choose to have your floor made from any of the native hardwood species growing in the Appalachian forests of Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Grid dimensional

We sell S4S boards in custom Widths, lengths and thicknesses. We can also laminate these boards to creat Butcher blocks or Table tops. Start you next table or counter with our material. May excellent projects start with our material.

Grid moulding

Our solid hardwood moldings not only give you the beautiful grain of oak, cherry and maple, they also resist the denting that can occur with softer woods. Our moldings last a lifetime. Manufactured from the finest hardwood stock availible, Seneca Hardwood’s products increase in popularity each time a new customer discovers them and passes the word along.
Hardwood SlabsGrid slabs

We have recently found a great deal of interest in our Custom sawn hardwood slabs. Sawn from the widest and most impressive trees availible, these slabs can be used as countertops, benches, or a spectacular table.
Flitch SetsGrid flitch

We offer custom sawed flitch set logs for the furniture and cabinet builder. These log sets are easily book matched as they are all sawed horizontally and kiln dried in sequence.
Stair PartsGrid stairparts

WOW, Make the staircase of your dreams. With the ability to quote any stair part you can find, the sky is the limit. Call today for your quote: 866-306-6249