Long-Reclaimed Oak

The first 3 images are a Reclaimed Oak Hardwood floor with a Pure Hard Oil Finish.  The remaining images show an additional coat of Brown Polymerized Oil added to give the flooring a darker and richer appearance.

Multiple samples of Reclaimed Oak with different methods of application of European Hard Oil

  • Chocolate Pigment and Pure Oils mixed in custom ratios.
  • Multiple Coats of Hard Oil (Not recommended.  Note, Higher sheen but fragile finish results from multiple coats of the hard oil)

Advantage to the European Hard Oil finish is that due to the lower sheen, the floors will be forgiving to scratches and wear.  Multiple coats of Rubio Hard Oil will leave the floor with a rich sheen but reduce the water protection making the finish fragile. It is recommended to use the universal maintenance oil system from Rubio to increase the sheen and keep the water protection.

I have tested applying a second coat to the pure finish.  The color will be the same as with the reclaimed samples and unfortunately even with a skim 1 coat, the second coat builds a sheen.  I did not apply as heavy as with the previous order so the water spot issue will not be as pronounced but I assume it will still be there.  Need 7 days of curing in order for the spot test to be accurate.

My advice is to apply pure oil to the entire floor and check to see if color is acceptable.  If so, apply a Maintenance oil coat to give more luster.  Again, the 2nd coat of Chocolate oil is not recommend due to the curing issue – you would be taking the upkeep into your own hands.