LINK TO PHOTO GALLERY OF SLABS FOR SALE THAT NEED TO BE ADDED. These slabs are kiln dried and ready for purchase and will be added to the online store in the next few months. “New inventory” slabs can be purchased over the phone.

Kiln Dried for over 6 months, 10/4 rough, 2″ Thick, Unfinished and ready for your project.

The Hardwood Mall stocks over 300 Kiln Dried, Live Edge, Hardwood Slabs. We are ready to crate and ship these slabs across the country. Please contact us if you have any questions. Live edge slabs often retain the bark if they are harvested during the winter months with the tree is dormant. These slabs are 10/4 rough and Hit and Miss Planed to approx 2″ thick and are available in many species. Current inventory is up to date. New inventory will be added soon to the online store. We recommend finishing these slabs with Rubio Monocoat, an easy to use Hard Oil Finish which highlights the rich grain of the Hardwood. Any questions, call us at 866-306-6249 or email us at

Also available are 4/4 Hardwood Rough Lumber Packs, and Overrun Hardwood Flooring.